manda_renee (manda_renee) wrote in ana_babies,

hola beautious ones,
tried to stay awake all night for maximum calorie burning but managed til 6:11 then decided i'd have an hour which turned into 6!!!my bad!
the good news...nothing, nada, niente, zilch consumed thus far...two cups of crystal light (my new partner in crime!) and we have some instant cappucino things- 50kcal but not planning to have one of those today. my stomach feels all churning and tight but i figure its all the stuff clearing out which is good news.
anyone know if crystal light can have-ahem-lax properties, it's just that seriously after 1litre of it im visiting the ladies room several times *too much info, sorry!*
went walking and some guessing 30 yr old guy was all, hey how are you?sit and talk to me etc etc, i hate those moments, i get all tense and nervous so just said hey but no i had to go...he then proceeded to follow me for a block whistling to me and yelling hey! yuck yuck yuck, not the most comfortable situation...walked a few blocks past my house making sure that i lost him, went into a store then back to mine. phew.
hope you're having a glorious day :) gonna develop some summer photos, the sun rocks my world! (all that vitamin d's officially gone to my head!!!)
later chicas, *shrinking violet*

fasting clock 17:15 h completed thus far.
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