manda_renee (manda_renee) wrote in ana_babies,

ok so somehow i ended up alone...
i really wanna cry right now but i won't let myself, not over something this stupid.
The guy who kissed me after my bf and i broke up has now decided that he doesn't wanna be with me because his female best friend realised seeing him with me how much she liked him and he likes her, even though i don't want him and it wasn't really anything i'm still hurt. maybe rejection hurts from all angles?
*sniff, screw him, and i bet things'll be awkward with the group of friends now which is ridiculous given that they're my lifeline out here in solitude with workaholic dad
*fuck fuck fuckity fuck*
maybe i should just let summer end early and go home? but to what?
god guys i'm crying now...stupid stupid girl, you never learn.
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