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Suzie Orbach - Hunger Strike

"Femininity, as represented by mannequin thinness, meant for her beauty and untouchability....the pursuit of thinness was to use her body as both power and protection"
"Many women who develop anorexia talk about how they originally sought thinness in order to feel acceptable. But of course acceptability, while attached in one way to notions of thinness and fatness, has in fact little to do with the inner feelings of acceptablilty which drive the indiidual to seek acceptance through extreme physical tranformation."
"Anorexia is an attempted solution to being in a world from which at the most profound level one feels excluded, and to which one feels deeply unentitled to enter. It is an attempt to be adequate, good enough, pure enough, saintly enough, sufficiently nsullied to be included."
"The body is carved up by the various manufacturers who insist on the fallibility of nature and the essentiality of their product for improvement. As a result, nearly all women are subject to feeling complicated about their bodies and caught up n feelings of insecurity or discomfort to some extent"
"FAt has come to stand for need, greed, indulgence, wantonness, a loss of control, an unstoppability. It represents the exposure of need.
Thinness represents a positive for the reflects an asceicism of purpose, a praise worthy puritan morality, a needless self.
She is untouchable, without needs, she is not vulnerable, she cannot be got at ,she is safe in the knowledge that in wanting nothing; she does not risk disappointment."

What are your thoughts? I have my own views and for some reason have become so absorbed by the psychology behind eating disorders...i guess i want to know why me...hmm. much love as always.x
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