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ana_babies's Journal

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*This community is longer being deleted because I contacted the original owner and I am now the full maintainer. I had originally planned on deleting this community because I could not manage it with out being made the maintainer. Now that I am the Ana_Ladies community has been deleted and I am going to put effort into making this community better. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I hope all Ana_Ladies members will rejoin here.*

This community is now maintained by user Seven_Deaths. If you have any problems within this community please bring it to my attention by leaving a note in my journal Seven_Deaths. My name is Alessandra and I will try my hardest to listen to all problems.

Ana_Babies was originally created as a pro anorexic community, but now it is simply and eating disorder support community. Feel free to be yourselves, all I ask if that you already have an eating disorder when joining this community, and that you respect others. Healthy debates are welcomed, once no one must resort to childish name calling.